Vote for Millage

September 21, 2021

7AM to 7PM

Lakeview Baptist Church

21168 Mountain View Cir, Lake View, AL 35111

Any registered voter residing in the fire district can vote.

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There will be an election concerning fire dues September 21st. This is the change to millage the district has been working on for almost a year. For those who do not know, millage is billed by the county with your property taxes at $1.00 for every $1000.00 of your market value. This is not the market value you see on sites such as Zillow. This is the value on improvements on your property such as a house. If you have an improved value of $100,000.00 you would pay $100.00. Land is not included in the market value. Currently the average market value in our area is $150,000.00. This is just the average. There are houses with much higher market values and much lower. If you would like to know your market value and need help locating that number, email and we can show you where to find that information.

For those wondering why the increase is needed the answer is simple: to provide better, expanded services. Lakeview Fire was built by volunteers and has always had a dedicated group of volunteers, even today. Just like most of America however, the number of volunteers has declined. The number of emergency calls on the other hand has not declined. In fact Lakeview Fire runs over 1000 calls a year. The majority of those calls are medical.
Right now, Lakeview has one paid fire fighter on duty at all times to respond to all calls. The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s department has a medical unit that responds when they are available but they are assigned to more areas than just the Lakeview Fire area. Ambulance service is out of Tuscaloosa often with long wait times. In order to move forward, Lakeview Fire would like to add not only more staff but advanced life support. Getting the best pre-hospital care in an emergency can make all the difference.

Current fire dues bring in less than $240,000.00. The increase to millage is a step towards providing those expanded services. We can only ask that the community consider the benefits of this increase, especially increased staff and advanced medical response. If you have questions about the ballot, department finances, or future plans, we encourage you to attend a board meeting. They are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Station 1. You can also email us at or email the Board at We are also available on Facebook messenger and Nextdoor. We can move forward only with the support of the community we serve.


I am exempt now, what about on millage? Yes you will still be exempt. If you do not pay property tax, you will not pay fire dues.

What goals does the fire department have if this proposal passes? Lakeview has identified the following goals: 1. Staffing 2. Advanced medical care 3. Completing Station 2 4. Starting a transport service. Staffing is our immediate priority.

What if I cannot pay my fire dues? If you cannot pay your dues, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you. We can’t help you if we don’t know you need help.

What happens if someone does not pay their dues with their property taxes? The county will provide Lakeview a list of all who did not pay. The fire district will follow up on the payments and place liens as needed.

I own vacant property or a mobile home. Will the county collect my dues? No. Lakeview Fire will continue to collect vacant property and mobile homes not assessed as real property by the county.

Will my bill go up or down if the election passes? Millage is based on improved or market value. Each improved property will be assessed 1 mil or $1.00 for every $1000.00 of value. Most properties will see an increase but not all. The average market value in our area is $150,000.00. This is $150.00 at 1 mil. The last estimate we have from the county has the lowest residential value around $30,000.00 and the highest around $400,000.00.

Where is the ballot? The ballot is posted with our other documents and a copy can be found here too.

Map of the District