Pay Using PayPal

Want to pay your fire dues using PayPal? Simply request a PayPal invoice. You will be able to pay online and get an immediate receipt.

To request a PayPal invoice***, email your name as it appears on your bill, your account number and address on file. Your account number can be found on your paper invoice or we can look it up for you.

Why do you have to request an invoice instead of using a PayPal link? There are over 5000 parcels in Lakeview. To ensure that all parcels are billed correctly and each account is credited accurately for the payment, we have decided a PayPal invoice is the best option. Some property owners may have a different different name on their PayPal account than on file with the District or there may be multiple owners with the same name. Customizing the invoice to match the account will help ensure the payment is applied correctly.

***there is a $3.00 fee for re-invoicing your account using PayPal.
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