Fire Dues FAQ

Why do I have to pay fire dues?

Fire Districts are allowed to charge mandatory fire dues. Lakeview Fire Protection District was established in 1988 to levy and collect service charges or fees as provided in Act No. 86-656 of the regular session of the 1986 Alabama Legislature Session.

When will I get my notice and how can I pay?

Notices are mailed out in October and due by December 31st. You may pay by check or money order. We also offer PayPal invoicing. To request a PayPal invoice, email

What happens if I don’t pay fire dues?

Does everyone pay fire dues?

What if I just can’t pay?

We understand that there are times when that happens. You may request a hardship waiver by emailing or notifying the business office.

What are fire dues used for?

What are the current fire due rates?

Are fire dues tax deductible?


If I have a question about my fire dues or I have a dispute, what should I do?

Contact the business office at If you would like to request part or all of your debt be released and you do not qualify for exemption, only the board of Directors can approve this. Email to request the board review your cas