September 2022 Updates

Updates from the September Board Meeting

A draft budget was established for 2023 to present to the community for discussion and vote at the annual meeting. Chief Harris requested the board consider the purchase of a new (used) fire truck. The budget was put on hold to gather more information on the details of purchasing the truck. This truck would take the place of three of our current trucks. A special meeting will be called prior to the Annaul Meeting to discuss the potential purchase and proposed budget.

Once the truck has been decided for or against, a budget proposal will be released for the public to review.

Financial Summary from August:
Checking balance start $75,326.49. Ending balance $54,309.06. Expenses $49,371.27
Income $28,353.84
There was a large expense of $13,095.16 for truck repairs on 1302. This was reimbursed by an insurance payment. Savings balance: $75,010.59

The Annual Meeting of the Members will be October 18th at 7PM at Station 1. A preliminary agenda will be posted 14 days prior to the meeting. There is one board seat due for election. All nominations must come from the floor at the meeting.

The 2022 billing cycle starts October 1st. If you would like a copy of your invoice emailed to you, send your information to Fire Dues may now be paid by credit card in person or over the phone. Online invoicing is available upon request by emailing

Fire prevention week is October 9 – 15th. The theme this year is “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape”. Every home needs to have a plan and practice that plan. Parent/guardians of home school children may request fire prevention week materials by emailing

Finally, we are still working on updating our website and other social media sites. You may now view past meetings on our YouTube channel. A link is on the “Welcome” page of the website. We will still post minutes on the website once they have any corrections made and approved however there may be a delay.

Questions, comments, or concerns may be emailed to

Keeping up to date

Just a reminder that monthly board meetings are now on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be July 19, 2022 at Station 1 starting at 7PM. The agenda is posted online at on the documents page.

Meetings are live on Facebook. We are looking at options for streaming on YouTube and offering the audio as a podcast for those not on Facebook.

The 2020 and 2021 audit has been completed. The report can also be found on the documents page at

We are starting to prepare for the 2022 billing cycle. We receive our updated owner information from the Tuscaloosa County Tax Assessor’s office. Once we receive our list, we may not receive any updates. If you or someone you know and address change recently, please ask them to notify the billing office.