205 Area Code Overlay

Starting in November, there will be an area code overlay for the part of the state currently assigned to the 205 area code. An overlay simply means that an area code is being added to a region in addition to the already existing area code. No boundaries will change and if you were assigned your number before the overlay, your number including area code will not change. Numbers assigned in that region after the overlay starts will be assigned the new area code.
This means you will have to dial all 7 digits plus the area code when calling. 911 and other 3 digit systems will not change.
The transition starts April 13th, however, calls will still go through using only 7 digits. That will end October 12th and you will have to dial all 10 digits. Starting November 12th, new numbers will be assigned the 659 area code.
If you have any questions about the new overlay, contact your phone service provider. Remember if you have any alarms or alert systems or any other items that are programmed to local numbers and do not start with the area code, you will need to add the area code.
Below is a map of the 205/659 coverage area.

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