2022 Amended and Restated Bylaws Q & A

This page is for any questions or concerns regarding the draft of the 2022 Amended and Restated Bylaws. Please send your questions, comments, or concerns to Bylaws@lakeviewfire.org. Responses will be displayed here.

Will the Bylaws be voted on in sections or as a whole?

Hopefully as a whole, however, the membership could elect to vote on sections. We are encouraging everyone to put forward any changes or suggestions before the meeting. These are draft changes only. They will not become official till voted on by the membership present at a members meeting called for this purpose.

Why review the entire Bylaws when motions usually just come from the floor?

Our Bylaws had several sections that were in compliance with the law when written but, the law has changed since. We need to ensure our Bylaws comply with all applicable laws.